The wild collective is coming! 
You are invited to learn about a revolutionary healthcare program and how community and social connection are imperative to your health and well-being
The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like-minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life. 

Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and 

You will learn how to discover, cultivate and become your power AND how everything you need to thrive has been within you all along. We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within.

Are you in?
Some Topics We'll Cover Together:
  • My Menstrual Cycle
  • My Detoxification
  • ​My Digestion & Microbiome
  • My Thyroid
  • ​My Vision
  • ​My Stress
  • ​My Mood
  • ​My Blood Sugar Regulation
  • ​Our Devine Feminine 
"To live the natural life, one in which the creature, has innate integrity and healthy boundaries.”
Community; a collection of women who, in this case, meet monthly to connect with like-minded women, for learning and to feel a part of something signifi-cant. Being elevated to higher levels never thought imaginable without the wis-dom and support of a tribe. 
 A deep need to do things differently and cultivate a sense of freedom.
Wild Woman
"Cause women to remember who they are and what they are about." 
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves
Hi I'm Dr. katie oh, nd

Naturopathic Doctor  /  Facilitator of The Wild Collective

Hi, I'm Katie, a naturopathic doctor, a mom of 2 beautiful kids, a Tai-chi lover and an explorer of inner resources that are waiting to be discovered within us.

I help busy professional women to effectively manage stress and live the life they want with high energy, an active calm state of mind, and resilience in the midst of fast-paced life. 

Having worked as a naturopathic doctor for the last 10 years, I've come to realize that there is one crucial missing piece in our healthcare - COLLECTIVE HEALTH. More than ever, we need each other to thrive in our health and live a more meaningful life that is sustainable. 

I am honoured to facilitate this amazing women's health initiative and be part of the collective transformation of health. I believe that you will have an inspiring and revolutionary healthcare experience through the Wild Collective that you won't have anywhere else. Join me this coming spring for the collective transformation. 

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